Wintertide Poem by mike monahan


Rating: 5.0

the silence of the night is stirred by strong pulses
from the north that cut across the moonlit ocean
the waters shimmer and gleam like gold, as nature
begins her perpetual motion,
an increased volume of sound greets the land with the
hooting of an owl fading away into the hills replaced
by the breath of mother natures icy chills
in a lonely dwelling in a distant field the mice
they scurry across the beams to rest to the safety
of their straw clad nests
fir trees in a forest glade bow down and quiver as
the majestic force of life rises across streams and
down through the valleys, the villages and towns
the windsong continues until at last, the silence of
the night abounds, snowflakes are falling without a

mikeymo {Subject to copyright}

Sunday, April 25, 2010
Topic(s) of this poem: winter
John Joe Bradford 23 June 2015

Didn't expect this poem to be so good. It takes one on a journey on the winds. Winter couldn't be depicted as good as this. I shall buzz your other poems Mike. Ten from me.

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Edna Miller Browne 09 June 2015

This poem in particular was recommended to me. I was delighted to have read it. The most graphic description of the winter season i have ever read.

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Matila Veronica Juntuta 05 April 2015

I find this poem absolutely brilliant. i was enthralled with the magic ride on the wind! Great work Mike! TEN!

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Henry F James 25 February 2015

Wow! what a terrific poem! excellent! Ten fom me Mike!

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George C Collingwood 10 August 2012

At last a rendering of Winter that takes you there in body and spirit. Superb, is a understatement.

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Kevi Keego 14 July 2019

Poet recommended by friend. This is indeed the finest poem about Winter I have ever read!

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john wilson 30 August 2018

Best poem I have ever read on the theme of winter! the journey was fantastic!

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Gill Hipkin 30 December 2015

Jason thanks for asking me to read this poem! It is really a wonderful complete description of the winter season! Fantastic journey

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Victoria Christina Royaldo 16 September 2015

Must be the best depiction of winter by any poet! I have read many but this is the greatest. What awonderful journey. Wow!

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Margeret Downes-minger 05 July 2015

Wow! ! Thank you Charles for recommending Mike's work! Fantastic journey! Best Winter trip I've ever been on.

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