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Wisdom Without Faith

Rating: 5.0

Attain wisdom
with finite troubles
suffering numerous
seeking a sure
footing for the
mind to rest on.

Know that wisdom
without faith

will not lead you
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Sunday, October 13, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: faith,mind,wisdom
Marie Shine 13 October 2019

Without faith in God we walk the road of life alone with nobody to turn to and that fact is excellently highlighted in this finely inked poem. Wisdom is not enough to carry us from point A to point B on the Map of Life. With faith, all obstacle are not just removed but don't exist. A wonderful motivational and inspiring poet. Tfs, Tonyyyyy

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Kumarmani Mahakul 13 October 2019

Finite troubles come in life but we do not bother at all. Suffering is temporary. We should have trust on God. Our faith on him allows us to receive his vibration and he saves us from all trouble. An excellent poem is shared.

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Aniruddha Pathak 13 October 2019

I don't know what is wrong with PH, dear Dr Antony. After giving my feedback to two of your poems and even on waiting enough, I don't find it registered. This is so for the last two weeks or so.

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Aniruddha Pathak 13 October 2019

In Wisdom Without Faith you have raised a very pertinent point. Isha Upanishad has talked about vidya and avidya, which is loosely translated as knowledge and ignorance. The knowledge that leads to salvation, when one reaches the crest of evolution, is vidya. All else is avidya. One is the path of knowledge of Bhagavad Geeta; the other the path of Karma. The second is the means to reach the ultimate. ,

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