Witch Finder Pursuivant Poem by kipper Stagg

Witch Finder Pursuivant

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Witch finder Pursuivant

I remember you!
You used to scour the halls and corridors looking for sinners and the soulless to burn at the stake!

Sniffing out Satan wherever he lays less he corrupt the innocent the vulnerable and the weak!

And when you slapped me around the face I'd turn the other cheek!

Do you recall how you alighted on me? Different to all the others you see,
Born on the wrong side of the track!
A council estate 'yob! '

It was as much as you could take!

I never knew an eleven year old could contain so much evil, but I guess it would be fair
To try and understand when you knocked me to the ground and dragged me out of assembly by my hair!

You told me that I would 'Burn in Hell' although I had done no wrong
except be born into poverty.

Did it make you feel more like a man? Beating small children?
You told me of Dante's inferno. And showed me pictures in his book
That's where I would end up.
Punished for eternity.
For being a motherless youth.

Well! If I do end up in hell.
Save me a place near you!
They say you'll receive it double!
I want to see if thats true?

for the bullying teachers in a church of England school I attended who would preach of love and the 'Christian way' but practised bullying instead! thank you Norbury manor school
Elena Sandu 08 May 2012

How masterly you use the words, I have been carried through the worst suffering on earth, child kept in hunger for what even animals naturally have: love. You did managed to give me a smile about, wow I am amazed. Great poem as your pen always do, gave me a lot to feel and think, thank you!

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