Witchcraft By A Picture Poem by John Donne

Witchcraft By A Picture

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I fix mine eye on thine, and there
Pity my picture burning in thine eye;
My picture drowned in a transparent tear,
When I look lower I espy.
Hadst thou the wicked skill
By pictures made and mard, to kill,
How many ways mightst thou perform thy will?

But now I have drunk thy sweet salt tears,
And though thou pour more I'll depart;
My picture vanished, vanish fears
That I can be endamaged by that art;
Though thou retain of me
One picture more, yet that will be,
Being in thine own heart, from all malice free.

Hebert Logerie, Sr. Poet 11 February 2020

" But now I have drunk thy sweet salt tears" , John Donne. This verse reminds of a poem by the French Poet Charles Baudelaire. This is an old poem.

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Edward Kofi Louis 11 February 2020

Witchcraft! ! ! ! Blowing along! Blues of life. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Mahtab Bangalee 11 February 2020

I have drunk thy sweet salt tears// wow wonderfully written sweet salt tears; great poem penned

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Sylvia Frances Chan 11 February 2020

This poem is typical for a Metaphysical poet. John Donne had so many things to own except money he needed. He lived a few while of the wealth of friends. He has many skills, amongst others from being a priest to a lawyer, a poet, a writer and so on. And not onoy so many skills he had, but also many children, to be exact twelve children. CONGRATULATIONS being chosen posthumus as the Classic Poem Of The Day. Hooray! !

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Ramesh T A 11 February 2020

This reminds one of Voodoo art of witchcraft both for bad and good! Something different to read in Poetry!

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