With A Harsh Ending Poem by Chantelle Nixon

With A Harsh Ending

The tears that touched my pillow
Were warm to the slightest touch
Reminding me of his warm and loving eyes
The tears that traced my face
Were smoothly traveling across my cheeks
Reminding me of his fingers just before a kiss
Tears that rocked me to sleep
Had come from deep within
That place that reminded me
Of how deep his love would go
The tears that filled my eyes
That blurred my vision so
Reminded me of how his lies had fooled me
They say that I was stupid
And some days I can agree
They say that he was brutal
That he had never wanted me, yet
Somehow I did believe in him, believed IN him
I held his hand, and gave him company
Heard his words, and gave him a friend
Wrapped my legs around his body
Gave all I was to him
I thought that I was him
And in turn, he would be me
Yet now I have these tears
And the stains on my pillow
Babies cry and little girls
And sometimes wounded dogs
But women should not cry
Not for this so-called love
He said it, he crossed the line
In speaking the ultimate lie
And the tears won’t leave me
Even when I’m not crying
I still cry
A wounded heart never TRULY heals
All I have are these tears
My true, constant friends
That remind me of life’s pains
And that LOVE does NOT live HERE!

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