With A Vengence Poem by Elisha De La Rosa

With A Vengence

Walking in the forest
When the leaves
Are beginning to fall from the trees
Is a man wearing a ghillie

On his mind is a plan
Holding a sniper and a grudge
Blending in like dirt and sand
What ever is on his mind, might lead to his end

Ready in position
Ready to aim
Ready for retallation
He won't let this go to vain

The memory replays in his mind
A memory he doesn't need
Weeps everytime
When he sees this dream

All darkness surrounds the light
A body lies on the groung
The place is wet from current rain
The body made no movement nor sound

As the man in the ghillie walks to his position
He bend on his knees
In the drench grass
He began to weep

As he lift his head from the ground
His tears fall like rain
Upon his comrades face
As he move his lips, but he made no sound
He dug into his pocket and took out a picture

A picture of his wife and kids
For he knows he won't make it
He place his hand on his chest
And give it to the man in the ghillie, he knew what this meant

From his comrade's dying breath
It is time to lay him to rest
He tells the man in the ghillie to give love to his family
A smile creeps from his bleeding lips

The mission may be a failure
But retribution is in hand
A smile appears on the ghillie-man's lips, but betray
The look and feeling his eyes had

Tears stream down his face
Closed his eyes and waited for heaven's bells to tomb
He began to fade
To the white light that will take him home

As the ghillie-man lay his comrade's body down
It began to rain
The ground he is forever bound
He leaves thinking what to tell the family

Weeks passed by
His comrade sees the ghillie-man on the porch
The setting was perfect, the sky gloomy
He started knocking on the door

As his comrade's beautiful wife
Waiting for the news to tell her, that she had become a widow
The misson has taken all our lives
Time has began to move slow

He blinks back to reality
Remembering how his fallen comrades wife
Falling to her knees
All the tears she has to fight

The funeral black and errie
Silent as any would be
Family and children attended
Their eyes teary

The memory remains
Is that would they all say
As he stands in position
Ready to aim

The misson remains as the objective
Already in aim
For today is my retribution
He won't put my death in vain

Find the target and objective
Find them to clear his conscience
As he pulls the trigger
He won't leave with a vengence


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