Within Thee Forsaken Poem by Donald R Wolff JR

Within Thee Forsaken

To drift away upon a pillow
Past, the way of darkest night
Through the doorway of forever
Before his subjects, shows his might

Oh bellow out ye formless creatures-
Beneath thy master's chosen way
Although ye beasts await with hunger
Never 'Master' blood will taste

The twilight sky is an endless tale
So many 'home' has locked their door
Ever is this passing moment
Trapped within forevermore

Where hallowed borders greet the shore
The godlike dare not pass
For here the masters confront the truth
When angry waters break on land

To return would be a cowards journey
For here stands the greatness, of the Grand
A god made within himself
Created by a man

Hear me heaven beyond this shore
Who, has denied all happiness
Thy will has taken love's only treasure
Now here, Ye take what's left

My Soul, I am my only master
My 'will' be heard, this place
And so my screams will never answer
Only, cries of torments, I create

There across the roaring storms
I know thy wrath shall wait
For here is, judgement of my heart
Not your dream to take

Save thy will for those who follow
For I shall lead my way
The sorrow, left behind tomorrow
Can still be mine to claim

Hear me spirits aged with sorrow
Why must ye never part
We have fought great battles for Gods and Monsters
Then damned for what we are

Each dream, we have searched our way
Every hope has unseen scars
Still no peace can return us home
When the goodness leaves the heart


Within Thee Forsaken
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