Woman Poem by RuNett Nia Ebo


Woman She is the
Wonderment Of Man And Nature
From the day her foot touched the earth,
she changed the world.
Nations fought wars because of her.
Men have competed for her affection.
Statues have been erected in her honor
Artists paint portraits to capture her reflection.

Songs have been sung and poems recited
all because someone's heart was ignited.
She has been inundated with much adulation
because others admired one of God's finest creations.
WOMAN whether she be mother, nurse, or housekeeper,
doctor, attorney, evangelist or preacher;
Maybe she's an office tech, a chemist or teacher,
a social worker, counselor, flight attendant or bookkeeper;
She is WOMAN
what she does is only part of who she is
She can do many things while being mother to her kids.
A woman knows how to close all kinds of brokerage deals.
When times are tight she'll take $5 and find a way
to stretch a meal.
She's able to construct a proposal
that provides affordable housing;
then, feed and change the baby all while she's web browsing!
She will see the need for a product and design something to fill it;
mix up a concoction to cure your ills and advise you not to spill it!
She can read her mail, talk on the phone and work out her budget plan.
Let's face it; she is woman. Best multi-tasker in the land!
She can be a CEO, DA, athlete, first lady or queen
ambassador, engineer or editor of a magazine.
She can make history, set precedents.
She'll even change the world
and it starts the day the doctor says the words,
"Congratulations! It's a girl! "

Sunday, March 20, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: life
Patricia Hulon 23 February 2021

your poems are so beautiful, Iwrite poems when God put them in my heart, I posted them on facebook, love to follower you.

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