RuNett Nia Ebo Poems

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Dear Mr. Crack (A Plea From A Young Child)

Dear Mr. Crack,
Please give my Mommy and Daddy back.
I'm not supposed to talk to strangers
but when they're with you, I know they're in danger.

What Happened To The Brotherly Love?

What happened to the Brotherly Love? Did it whither up and die?
Did it decide it didn't live here anymore? When did it pass us by?

What happened to our Sisterly Affection?

Mama Thoughts

Son, It's like I told you,
I was with you from the door
but with no response from you,
I thought you were trying to ignore.

Katrina's Kiss

In a whirlwind she came; racing throughout the Gulf Coast;
leving much devastation in her path.
When she embraced the land, no one could understand
how God could let the cities feel such wrath.

A Delicious Thought

I want to be
a steak sandwich for God:
with the Bread of Life

God's Menu

If I were a Pizza
my prayer would be
that God put everything He loves on me.
If I were a Steak


Woman She is the
Wonderment Of Man And Nature
From the day her foot touched the earth,
she changed the world.

Happy Birthday Ghana

Happy Birthday Ghana 62 years free
Since 1957, you have had your Liberty.
Mining gold, harvesting cocoa, and salt,
Ghana was striving to take care of self.

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