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Hi, my name is RuNett Nia Ebo, Poet of Purpose. I'm a poet/author, editor, playwright, blogger and events planner. I have been writing poetry for more than 5 decades. I have published 7 chapbooks,4 paperback books of poetry and 1 CD of Spoken Word. I also have a fiction story (All For You -AuthorHouse) and several gospel songs. I am a contributing author to 'Chicken Soup for the African American Soul' and 'Chicken Soup for the African American Woman's Soul, Kwee magazine (a Liberian publication) and What's Happening Philly magazine.
My signature poem, Lord, Why Did You Make Me Black, was written, copyrighted and published in 1994 and has been read nationally and internationally. In 2015, I also wrote the poem as a play and there is now a children's version in a coloring book (2017) . For more information or to purchase my books visit

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Dear Mr. Crack (A Plea From A Young Child)

Dear Mr. Crack,
Please give my Mommy and Daddy back.
I'm not supposed to talk to strangers
but when they're with you, I know they're in danger.
Since you've come around, they're never home
and I really don't like when I'm home alone.

We don't live in our nice, big house anymore and
this place is so cold. There's no rug on the floor.
Sometimes, I don't get enough to eat.
Daddy's eyes look funny and Mommy doesn't sleep.

I want my Mommy and Daddy back.
I miss all the hugs and kisses.
Teacher told us all about you;
how you cause pain and you don't grant wishes.

I got new clothes one Christmas but Daddy went and sold them.
I saved $5.00 in my piggy bank but one night, it got stolen.
We can't visit my Grandmom no more.
Since the bike she bought me disappeared,
she won't even come to the door.

Give me my Mommy and Daddy back, Mr. Crack!
Oh, never mind. I know what to do.
I'm gonna tell God.
God can get rid of you!

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Christal Cori 04 February 2018

I love your poem and I love the painting that was posted with it. I’d love to credit the artist. Can you send a link?

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denise 14 February 2019

Why isn't " Why did God Make Me Black" here?

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Annetta P. 27 January 2020

Are you the author of " Why Did God Make Me Black" ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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Carolyn Hinton 26 June 2018


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Tanya W 05 February 2019

My absolute favorite poem of yours, it was the first one I read: “Lord, Why did you make me Black! ” I found it and read it last year at a Black History Month program; the audience, the mixed audience, all loved it! ! ! Beautiful words that captures the emotions. While I can relate to the questions asked, I LOVE God’s answer... reminding us that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made”, made in his image.

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Julia Williams 11 October 2021

I love your poem "Why Did God Make Me Black" I would love to see it posted here! I am reading it to my grandchildren for Thanksgiving Dinner today.

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Margaret Lovings 30 July 2021

Contact me at 702 913 2367 I'm about to publish a book of spiritual poems.

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Margaret Lovings 30 July 2021

I write spiritual inspired poems. I would love for you to hear one of them.. Im st keeping it real ministries. You can go to Facebook

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Runett Nia Ebo 01 November 2020

Greetings, One of the poems I wrote which is considered my signature piece is entitled LORD, WHY DID YOU MAKE ME BLACK. It is not The Black Prayer or Why Did God Make Me Black or Why Am I Black, God. those are adaptations of the poem I wrote back in 1994. It is not posted here because it is available for sale in a chapbook, on poster and a children's version is available in a coloring book. Please reach out to me via Facebook or runett.ebo101gmail for more information.

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Joseph Amprey 31 October 2020

Good afternoon. Ms. Ebo. May a publish your poem " Lord, why did You Make Me Black, " in the December 2020 edition DRUM, a newspaper that celebrates black achievements in Berks County, PA?

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