Woman Only Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

Woman Only

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For centuries wee have silenced their voice
There have tolerated it without making much noise
There is great leap forward and they are ready to poise
We may be compelled to accede without having any choice

It is disgusting to note and observe the pathetic scene
The modus opendi and cruelty on large scale is never seen
What a tortuous way or humiliation to undergo?
How can any sensitive human being forgo?

Were they all meant to bring misfortune or ill fate?
Why all their contribution has been realized very late?
Still we acknowledge less and try to under rate
This is really unfortunate and there is not much to state

A wrong illusion for centuries to paint them as sex medium
Throw all the filth and still celebrate the ceremony as year of millennium?
There is awakening all over and now room for any harassment
Man folk must ready for itself and face the possible embarrassment

“Let a woman learn in silence, submission.'
is it frank guilt and now open for admission?
Have we not committed enough of torture?
Condemning them forver and blackening the future

Why they only come forward and should learn?
We never try to bother or concern?
Till that is going to be materiazed for days ahead
We as nation or race may be considered as completely dead

What is advocated in public forum is not heeded?
Some what bold step or initiative is needed
An equal force with caliber and strength is in race
We got to be brave enough to admit and face

It is not sex alone that we need their participation
There is much more in store for revelation
Everything is to be weighed carefully in strengthening the relation
There has to come much more enthusiasm with honest indication

We are fast moving society with more yet to be done
The days of past calculation and misconception has gone
We got to say it emphatically and give their rightful place
It will be misfortune if they are denied their position in case

How can we deny that we owed so much to their well being?
There could have been so many tragedies if they had failed to bring
All their obligations in most shamble and humiliating way
They have stood their ground well and preferred to stay

I shall bow my head with respect
It will be nobility on my part to act
Stand for equality and rightful position
All that may matter for future composition


Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

Vadali, Dist: - sabarkantha, Gujarat, India
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