Praveen Kumar in Celestial Glow

Wonderful World - Poem by Praveen Kumar in Celestial Glow

Wherever you look,
However you look,
Sheer charming,
Sheer wonderful
Is this world.

Look to the sky,
Look seas, oceans,
Look around,
Look life in it;
Entrancing all.

Hills and dales,
Birds on wings,
Fish in water,
Rain, sunshine,
Wonders all.

Blossoming flowers,
Its sweet fragrance,
Milky fullmoon,
Quiet of dawn,
Charming all.

Look sun or stars
Or atoms or below;
What order in it,
Accuracies all,
Beyond our sense!

Be it human body
Or billions genes;
Enormous works,
Timely precisions;
Who clocked it all?

See he and she
In all of lives;
Who match them,
Who enfire them
For survival's task?

Day and nights,
Seasons all years,
Tides in oceans,
Age and death;
Who planned all?

Right meets right
At time and place;
No inconcinnity,
No disturbance;
It's this world.

Balance is hallmark
Of this creation;
Good and evil,
Joy and grief
Perfectly balance.

Love and hate
Here alternate;
Both spur the world,
Both build the world
To higher levels.

It's open world
Till Planck's Barrier;
None know beyond,
Darkness all there;
Subtle is world.

All think all know,
All unknown to them;
A hoodwinking game
Of hide and seek
Marks this world.

Physics and Maths
For this world
After millenniums
Not fully solved;
Who engineered it?

Layers ‘neath layers
Is this world;
You dig one,
Hundreds raise heads
To excavate!

Fireflies to the sun -
Physicists, biologists
Scratch surface,
Feel near the end
Of universal truth!

Groping in dark,
Philosophers dream
Discovering light
From stark night
By sheer logic!

No right and wrong,
Nor height and depth
Really exist;
All imagined
By diseased mind.

Thoughts never help;
Silence leads to truth
While look within
And grasp the soul
Of the world.

The soul of the world,
The truth of the world,
So sublime, profound,
None discovered it yet,
Nor discover ever.

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