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the withering heights of fading grace
a mirror not reflect all, but only the face
we turn to dust what wise men say
skins and bones they wither away

her lids conceal, not just the ache
but her dreams she shared with her love
the autumn in her eyes, awaits the spring
as she seeks him in the stars above

we speak of the splendor of the flowers when they wither
in spring there are too many of them for us to praise
a day when the sun shall seize to shine
we will speak of its warm tender rays

crow's eyes fixed upon a skylark
and weeps as he hear her say
beneath the tree a shadow dark
of his wings tinted faint grey

Miss lyn paul has a bad day as some gangsters snatch a golden chain from her neck. she chases them and the story begins.....

lyn paul came running she came with a gun
seeing her angry as hell, all the bad boys did run

whole his life in days of gloom
he smiled and got things right
but a picture hanging on the wall
is too much of a plight

the way oh dear you wiggle your tail
the way you comely sit
i like the way you wet the poles
i like the way you shit

Of the deepest sorrow
Of every dollar that I borrowed
To the stars I take a vow
But but let me ask you now

A broken wing, and a broken bone
Of a bird, that met a stone
Lied helpless And was bit despair
Looked above If god was there.

beneath the ground, a solitary seed
no mates are near, he hasn't any
still and slow it rises and grows
that later blooms to flowers many

day and night the gravest foes
still none have seen them waging wars
leaves the day, oh the fading gleams
and the night comes with his shining stars

whatever that exist must leave
like the leaves that slowly decay
or a gust of wind that plucks a flower young
like those flowers some people goes away

Some sweet night, whilst death finds me
where on earth she be, and if she comes to see
For the last time her touch I will feel
Few pleasing moments from death I will steal

If I was some gruesome being
And if I was a crocodile
lay my teeth into your throat
When I saw your ugly smile

spring dies
she watches the leaves decay
winter mirror in her eyes
the sun lightyears away

thee ascend towards sun
Tempted by the shining light
Eventually consume you in her
Feel the gloom of the dark night

in the darkest night
there's a light far far away
that would come to me like a bee comes to a flower or death to a man
and slay the darkness with its brilliance

Sitting at my home
Peeping out through my window
I could feel the world was cold outside
I lit up the fire

Judge not a heart of someone by his shadow
see not splendor always from the eye
don’t speak of a man from his frowning brow
or the way his poor heart sigh

Covered with a shell, as white as snow
You wonder how will be the inside
a present for the men of earth
that under its shell hide

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The World Today

the withering heights of fading grace
a mirror not reflect all, but only the face
we turn to dust what wise men say
skins and bones they wither away

despite knowing the answers all
we tread on a path where we bound to fall
when truth lay close, we close our eyes
our sight lighten when it meets the lies

of all the miseries when this world is done
our night will eat the glittering sun
the world today is a world of shame
the world today would forever be the same

where a fortress never built on a bedrock of trust
where no gold enough to slay the thirst
where death gives more joy than a child when born
where heart loves to keep another forlorn

where tongue says of love but inside there is lust
Where time help us to quietly rust
Where we dream to conquer the sky above
with swords and guns, not faith and love

from heart and soul we would always be lame
the world today would forever be the same

with the might of the eye we look afar
abandon the things which near they are
thinks a fool when like a wise
we never see the world by his eyes

not every light can light a soul
we sink like water through a hole
here joy for me is sorrow for you
the world is cold like morning dew

where we love to write we love to blame
world today would forever be the same

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Geetha Jayakumar 22 December 2013

Kanav Justa is young and talented poet. It's an amazing gift you are blessed with. Wonderful are his themes. Brilliant imaginations with Beautiful presentation. Wishing you all the Best. May you keep on contributing wonderful poems to this poetic world. God Bless you! .

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Aswath Raman 17 December 2013

Kanav Justa - An artist with brilliant imagination and wonderful colors. There are three kinds of poet. Poets who are wordsmiths, poets who has the thematic brilliance, poets who are both. Kanav certainly belongs to the third. All the best Kanav

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nice poems. you are great in showing feels.that shows a good improvement. i invite you to read my poems at my poets page. that is a friendly invitation

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Yash Shinde 05 April 2014

WOW.........WOW...........WOW...............The poet I admire..............if not a poet you could become a youth icon..blessed with the playfullness of young boy...........you truly fathom depths of poetry like adept poets.............you are a kind of poet I always wanted to be like...........how rowdy and vulgar can you become while you write humourous pieces, at the same time you embellish your insightful poems....with jewels of wisdom, beautiful verses and quotes.....you rhyme with ease...........so far you are the best poet, I've ever found! ..........................lovely lovely lovely..............the prince of PH, a diamond in making...................WOW.....WOW........WOW.........WOW.........WOW

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Shahzia Batool 15 January 2014

Conception of ideas, weaving of images, composition of phrases, thoughtfulness with creativity... You have got all this at so early a stage...you are on a prospective journey for a bright future as a writer/ poet! keep writing!

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Bijay Poudel 07 January 2014

I have just begun reading and trying to compose poetry. I dnt know big names. But kanav's poems were amongst the first i started with. His poems are beautifull. And they are simple, uncomplicated yet they bear complex serius themes. I like the simple smooth flow, that he employs in his poems. And also kanav had encouraged me to write in one of his comments. Thnx for that kanav. kanav, magic box, dines nair are the poets i often read in PH. They are excellent poets.

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Rubab Atwal 30 December 2013

Kanav Justa is a very talented poet who is blessed with a wonderful gift. your poems are not just amazing but very inspiring wishing you best of luck and keep writing more poems with those wonderful themes and amazing imagination..

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In the darkest night there is light far far away, that would come to me like a bee comes to a flower or death to a man and slay the darkness with its dominance.

Mind when it meets desire It does, what water does to a fire heart when it meets the same is a kerosene to a flame

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