World Famous Painting Haiku - Van Gogh's Sunflower Poem by john tiong chunghoo

john tiong chunghoo

Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo East Malaysia

World Famous Painting Haiku - Van Gogh's Sunflower

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van gogh's genius bursts forth
in patches of yellow
in thick linear fashion
that angle themselves
onto that part of the mind
that needs a resting place
when it is tired
deprived of say sex
we fall into van gogh's
magic, his magic to
temper his sex starved existence
expressed in a straight fashion
working around blooms
to lift his brain out of despair
now we angle our at times
21 century empty existence
onto his solid masterful strokes
that lend a soothing place
for the reckless mind to keep its composure
such lucky sunflowers
fated for posterity on canvas
though the blooms had whittled
blown to oblivion on French land
images brought to a fame
spreading like flame
across the world
under the hands of a genius
the few inches of blooms, lines
that jump forth to the frontlines
of the world of taste, art, beauty
all the actresses brought to fame
under the hands of directors, writers,
the mixture of colours, talents
that affords each other to shine
the sunflowers, van gogh, . his brush,
canvas and luxuriant oil paints
me, i, still waiting for all the colours
intelligences in the world to enable me
to float, shine, fly like Van Gogh sunflowers
the dazzling blending of time, colours,
genius, oil paints and canvas
it's no cause for pain
if all goes in vain
the real van gogh sunflowers that
withered 100,000 days ago
if i lie a heap of weather beaten bones
the spirit thrives on in solid
bold strokes of yellow
time brings to light
genius and also our insensitivity, stupidity
the world was said to be flat
time soon turned us around
to say it is round
so long for Van Gogh sunflowers
to weave its magic into us
so long for our intelligence
to bloom like Van Gogh's sunflowers
the ones that sprint forth from the brush

Colleen Courtney 29 April 2014

Van Gogh! Such an artist! Nice write!

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john tiong chunghoo

Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo East Malaysia
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