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Would You Believe? - Poem by Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

Would you believe
we descended from apes?

We also share bipedalism with apes
we both walk on two legs like apes; not...
Bipedalism causes considerable problems
for the back, knees and organs,

putting pressure on joints and torso
causing breathing problems...
During millions of evolutionary years
of distinctly disadvantaged changes!

Evolutionarily unfavourable adaptation? ? ?

We also share a descended larynx for speech
just like apes; not (except descended larynx monkeys) ? ? ?

A hooded nose like apes a muscular
nostril aperture control
(plus the philtrum) preventing water
entering the nostrils like apes; not? ? ?

We also share a mammalian
diving reflex
which occurs when the head
is immersed

in cold water plus
voluntary breath control
which allows diving
swimming like apes; not? ? ?

We have a more streamlined
shape compared to other apes? ? ?

We have increased subcutaneous
fat for increased insulation
especially in human infants
born hairless with a waxy coating

plus requirement of human brain
for specific nutrients including iodine
some essential fatty acids most easily
found absorbed in seafood, an ape diet; not? ? ?

“Miracle Miracle Miracle Upon Miracle
of Darwinian theory unproven evolution!
Occurring over millions must have been years
to allow time for miracle change evolution!

But do not believe
man was made in God’s image!
Man was wonderfully made
because that would take a miracle! ....

Man your killing me
with all your scientific
multiple miracles
logic-less evidence! ”

Humans are relatively hairless
compared to great apes
similar to the hairlessness of
rhinoceros and elephants.

No I am not suggesting
humanity descended
from rhinoceros or elephants
because of similar hairlessness.

That would be stupid.

I like best the Chinese saying
'Caucasians look like the apes
from which they descended.'

Copyright © Terence George Craddock
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