Wow, We Are Really Meant For Each Other. Poem by millie st.claire

Wow, We Are Really Meant For Each Other.

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You asked me what i saw in the future,
I didnt answer, i asked you what you saw in your future and you said me.
And ever since that day, i fell in love with you, i was just too scared to tell you.

You mean the world to me,
more than you know.

If only words could sum up what i feel for you.
But they cant, and i think its better that way.

Every time we talk,
i feel myself getting closer to the real you.
I tell you i wont let you go, and i mean it.

I tell you i love you, and i mean it.
Even though i am scared of those 3 little words, ill tell you,
and mean it, because your worth it.

You mean the world to me,
and your special to me.
You have a heart of gold that i absolutely love.

Your caring, amazing, and the man i love.
I'll be faithful until the day we die.
Our futures are together, no matter what anyone says.

And on our marriage day, i'll say my vows,
and i'll be vowing to love you through the thick and thin, and
until death due us part.

We'll share eternity together...
and you'll be mine forever.

We'll look back, and say...
'Wow, really were meant for each other'.


Huh I wonder who this is for....*cough cough* was really beautiful you are going to be one famous song writer one day......your words touch touch ppls hearts...and I bet EVERYONE would agree.....I HEART YOU SPIRIT! ! ! .... I heart you bunches and bundles! ! ! ! ! ! <3Payy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxxxxxxxoxoxoxoxxxxxoxoxoxxxxxxxxxxxoxoxoxxx

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