Written Voice Of Love (For Ph Family) Poem by Maia Padua

Written Voice Of Love (For Ph Family)

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As i turned the pages of my life
I looked back to the times
I was so blessed having good friends
Good friends who love and care...

Thought friends will just be around me
Never thought i can find them in other way
But one day i take a glimpse on this site
Site with people so loving and friendly..

The charm of their works embrace my heart
Made me think hope I will be like them someday....
Able to write wonderfully and irresistibly..
Their poetry really mesmerized me..

Thank you Poemhunter friends
For embracing me, accepting me with open arms
Through my written voice of love, i take the chance
Not to gain fame but to thank you all
Wishing to win your hearts, hope we'll be together 'til the end.....

for all my friends and the rest of the Poemhunter family.....

Randy Hogan 22 December 2012

Your are so dear. No words could ever painting a picture of your utmost beauty and no picture could ever capture the utmost beauty of you. so beautiful is you. RANDY ~*~

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