Wrong Side Poem by GRANT FRASER

Wrong Side

Rating: 5.0

Retract retract!
is it that,
or isn't it,
look again?
It's not your
job to please
And yet you
And certainly
all those whom
think they know,
Or accuse,
Do not either!
Your just human
so let it go,
And do not let
these great pretenders
get to you,
You see, I say 'Great',
because we all require
a bit of that, and I'm
not saying that greatness,
is some sort of holy
offering from a higher being,
Mother Nature moves
a big rock out of the way,

Dance for the Sun, son,
like a ricochet around eternity,
Dance small man!
do not be afraid of time,
just because your superiors
have abused it,
Dance little man on my knee,
as the wind chases through
your wild stare,
Dance madly until I am glad,
that when you hurt me,
you f******* apprehend!
the Sun will set now,
put down your things,
and stand back as far as you -
possibly can...stand back...
into Outer Space, and far beyond...

Until only you can hear it,
ye hear, that is you, your voice,
stripped clean to the bone,
as clean as a stone,
one of a trillion,
floating all alone...
picking up cosmic dust,
wisdom is good
only if it blows over you,
even a thimble of it,
which can take a lifetime,
you are the gates to this building,
and the death, voice, and life...,
the world moves for everyone,
it has no aspersions!
look out, over onto the other side,


I've got to go back,
and work out why I'm here,
when I should be out there...

Thursday, April 2, 2020
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Anil Kumar Panda 08 April 2020

Enjoyed thoroughly. A nice poem indeed.Thanks for sharing.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 02 April 2020

Son should dance for the sun. This poem is definitely very interestingly and brilliantly penned.

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