X-Ray Eyes

When the lightning struck, Brent thought, ''I don't believe this! ''
The flashing zigzags across the sky looked beastly and vibrant
Brent hid under a tall tree, blinded by intolerable brightness
A sudden cloudburst followed, and for a while everything remained silent
Then a stroke of lightning hit the tree, and Brent felt piercing pain
As if an explosive flux wave flowed into his veins pinning him to the ground
Brent prayed silently, ''God help me please, I don't want to wane''
He thought there was someone behind him, but couldn't turn around
Unexpectedly, Brent fell and sank down in the swampy soil, losing his breath
Raising his arms up, he tried in vain to grab for a torn solid edge
When somebody took him by the hand, Brent knew he'd escape from death
Brent was lifted up and faced his rescuer, a lucid angel of a young age
Who said, ''You have altered vision now, put it to good use
From now on, you are able to see a glittering aura and more than meets the eye
It's better to tell people the bitter truth, even if they blow a fuse
You'll be out of time and space to join me after you die''
The young hospital nurse was startled when Brent opened his eyes
Nobody believed that he'd come out of coma, he was a hopeless case
''If you don't quit smoking C., you'll give birth to a blue baby, Cindy Wise, ''
Said Brent, while the baffled nurse replied, ''How in hell you know about free base? ''