Angels And Demons (To Kurt Cobain) From Book: Angeles Rebeldes Y Demonios Extranjeros Poem by Aram Stefanian

Angels And Demons (To Kurt Cobain) From Book: Angeles Rebeldes Y Demonios Extranjeros

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I wonder what compelled you to take the Dutch act?
An O.D. on number three, thirteen or eight?
A suicidal soul gets no access to heaven, yet it's intact.
How come you really blew it by the kiss of death?
Even if sound travels slower than light,
Music can deeply penetrate into the galaxy.
SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT will put down the eternal night.
What kind of jury found us guilty of heterodoxy?
I don't subscribe to the view that demons write a tune:
They're knee-deep in own humdrum infernal chores.
It's only angels who are to misery and pain immune
Stand guards over immortal souls at Valhalla's doors.

Sylvia Frances Chan 12 November 2017

Kurt Cobain died when he was 27 years old. I know why this poem you created has much effect upin me. This is a very touching poem. Thank you fior sharing, Aram Stefanian! With the very best wishes from Sylvia Frances Chan. You get a TEN, Sir! P.S. May Kurt Live in Peace. God's Blessings in Abundance.

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Aram Stefanian 12 November 2017

Thank you very much, Sylvia! I hope Kurt's soul has found a peace.

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*~*Baby Girl! ! ! ! *~* 11 October 2007

This is a great poem! Kurt Cobain was an amazing guy and he will live on in everyone's memories! R.I.P. Kurt! ! ! ! ! Great Work :)

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Lara W.a 06 August 2005

Oh My God, what a coincidence! I've been thinking about Kurt for the last couple of days, been playing The Man Who Sold The World on and on and on. Btw, nice work =)

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