Yes, I'M Wasting My Time Poem by Prachi Agrawal

Yes, I'M Wasting My Time

I hear people say,
‘She does nothing
All the time making her mind
To waste more and more of her time.'

But they don't understand
I drink every dropp of life
Till sunset from sunrise.
After that I talk to stars
In the language of bright sparks.

I communicate with air and water
Look from my heart to this wonderful nature.
Although humans have made many obstacles
Oh! I worry for you, dear nature.

I don't know how to stop
This pace of increasing mob.
They don't get a single thing
Unaware that their ship is sinking.

O trees! My lovely friends
Victim of this deforesting trend
Last day, I was in school
When you took your last breath.

Dear pigeons, messengers of peace
Inhabitants of those green trees
I know you must have tried hard to save your nest
But you too were killed by those pests.

When I protest, they often ask me
Where have I lost my head?
They tell me to do something else
Other than wasting my time.

But if I'm wasting my time
What are they doing?
Wasting their lives.

I tell them, ‘I won't give up'
They always tell me to shut up.
Yes, I'm proud to waste my time
It's up to you
Either waste your time
Or you too choose to waste your life.

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