Josh Burnett

Rookie (Feburary 12 1987 / Germany)

You - Poem by Josh Burnett

I sit out on a sunny breezy day.
Looking out across the endless plain.
I feel the warmth of the wind as it caress’ my face.
I can feel you all around me and I cannot explain the feeling that I get.

I can feel the spiritual presence all around me.
In the wind as the trees sway to and fro.
In the birds singing their fragile songs in the air.
In the brushes of the grass that gently rub my legs.

I sit in a calming position with my head held high.
My eyes are closed and my intake of air is deep.

I can feel your presence filling my lungs.
I can feel your fingers slowly brushing my arms.
I can feel your ever watchful eyes looking down on me.
I can feel your smile through the warmth of the sun.

I sit quietly listening to everything that surrounds me.
I sit quietly and listen to the gently running stream.
I sit there and do nothing but listen to your voice through nature.

You are my guidance, that guides me through my life.
You are my guidance, that leads me down the winding path.
You are my guidance, that silently whispers in my ear.
You are my guidance to find peace and harmony in a messed up world.

You are forgotten by some, but never will I forgot what you provide.
You are never thanked, but never will I go without thanking you.
You are never thought of, but I will go on always thinking…

You are the sole provider of what we need to live on.
You are the sole purpose of why I live on.
You are the sole purpose of why I wake up each morning looking for a new day to begin.

You are the reason I can smile through times of not wanting to smile at all.
You are the reason I can quiet my mind and hear your voice speaking out.

Your touch keeps me advancing forward to reach the end of this long journey.
Your whispers keep me on me feet.
Your hand keeps me from falling down every time I feel like falling.
Your love keeps me in secret harmony on the inside.

I sit and wonder why sometimes that other people cannot feel like I do.
I sit and wonder why sometimes that people can’t quiet their mind and just listen to you.
I sit and wonder why sometimes that people don’t stop and give their thanks.

It’s because they are too wrapped up in what’s going on around them.

I know the truth though and if you weren’t the provider we wouldn’t be here.
I know the truth though people are blinded by the light and can’t see you.
But I see you as clear as day, and that will never change.

I see you and know that I am still here after everything that I’ve been through.
I’m still here, alive, well, still standing because of you, and I thank you.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, December 18, 2009

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