You Are Forty Poem by Emma Adamyan

You Are Forty

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You are forty,
Means the peak is reached,
Welcome to the life`s party!

You are forty,
Means you are experienced,
And still... naughty!

You are forty,
Wrinkles won`t leave your face,
Now nobility makes your look pretty.

You`ve lived forty years,
Cried lots of tears,
Got enough fears,
Made many friends,
Most of whom are your enemies,
To discover it you`ll need another forty years,
One day to confess you have no any ideas
Which way in life is exactly right,
Now you`ve become patient.

Who could teach you now?
To whom you should bow?
Seems you`ve understood,
Only two teachers you had,
Those were your parents,
But what a pity-
You are forty...

You surely know what I mean-
The age when we lose them.
For time is never perfect,
It gives with one hand
And takes with the other,
The exchange is cruel-
You gain kids and lose your father,
What a terrible rule!

Remember the words he said,
Sing the melodies he played,
Make a treasure of those memories,
And blessed will be your days.
Give up perfidy,
Now you know time`s crafty,
As it`s made you forty...

Forty lines above are dedicated to all who got confused in that special age of forty. It`s the true beginning of your life, for you already know how to deal and you still want to do...

Sadiqullah Khan 07 June 2010

Thanks for the complemnets...real ones. Emma,40++

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They say life begins at forty! Wow, The next forty Are going to be great! What an enjoyable read!

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Dr.subhendu Kar 02 June 2010

Make a treasure of those memories, And blessed will be your days..................... still it haunts by darkness of night as sky needs to know gleams of its blue over the edge of shinning moon as ebbing all whites when slip by hide beyond forty.......very interesting write, yet of unique genre,10+++, thanks for sharing

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