You Are My Angel Poem by Yousif Ibrahim Abubaker Abdalla

You Are My Angel

Rating: 2.0

The moment I concur to you
I digest, I claim to be nearer to you and engage my life with you
You're my first thought in the morning and my last thought in the evening
My day will be awesome when I always envisage you delightfully
I just initiate rosy, the bottoms of my soul
And the odd stare I never get cease to beguile
I admire how you can make me smile from
gripping on to every utterance you say
Life for you will be as pure as the blueness of the sky
And no one will ever gash you
Or ever make you hoot
I grope as if I'm in a clemency
The blue sky
Invoke me of your eyes, which confer me tortoiseshell
You rejoice in my life with that lovely smile
No longer are my years an appeal
There is no vigilance about how much you mean to me
From the moment I spied you
I define we are meant to be
I want to disburse the rest of my life, rendering you how much I'm propitious to be your cavalier
I always drive you over the way
Encouraging through each stumbling block
And never let you dawdle
The lanes you can hold and the intentions you enable fulfil
And I will part your luck and wash-out
To provide you learn and increase with smooth.

POET'S NOTES ABOUT THE POEM: A written poem is on Wednesday,17 August 2023 This poem is a reflection of love, which is a beautiful feeling that can make our heartbeat skip and fill us with warmth and happiness. You deserve nothing less than the best. I think of a better way to spend my life to be with you every day.
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