You Can't Carry A Gun Forever Poem by Randy McClave

You Can't Carry A Gun Forever

A man is brave when he has a gun
But, the braver man is the one who doesn't have one,
He needs no gun in his hand or at his side
And from no man does he ever cower or hide.
He needs no gun to protect his house
He needs no gun to protect his children or his spouse,
And if he ever sees a stranger on the street
Without a gun he never runs away in retreat.
The brave man is the man who can use his brain and fists
For any problem or emergency that exists,
He uses what God had gave him to use
And then it's up to the man to pick and then choose.
He needs no gun when he goes to work
Or when he sees someone acting like a jerk,
And he doesn't need one when he sees someone unruly
And he never needs one to confront a bully.
He needs not a gun to state who he is
Because, he already knows what truly is his,
He needs no gun to ever to defend or to ever protect
From his own beliefs and actions he will earn respect.
I put my support never in a gun at all
I put my support in me and the words that I can recall,
And never in scenarios what if this or what if that
Never do I seek out a killing or a combat.
Whenever I go out either here or there
I leave without hate or evil, instead I leave with a prayer,
From fright you can't carry a gun forever
And to take a life by accident or in terror, you will then never.
God will give his angels charge over you
Not the NRA with guns and rifles to kill or to subdue,
Angels are sent to guard you in all of your ways
When you put your faith in God, until your dying days.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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