You Deserve Someone Better Poem by Alice Cordy

You Deserve Someone Better

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You deserve someone better, so please do not be bitter.
You deserve someone more stable, who can bring more to the table.
You deserve the love you require, one that fulfils all your desires.

You deserve the love of every single beat of their heart,
which holds that special spark.
Someone who thinks about you constantly,
and willing to be truly honest with you freely.
Always wanting the stars to shine so bright,
to luminous the everlasting night.

Someone who spends every minute of their day,
only wishing to wash all your troubles away
Only wanting to be your rock of strength,
to provide the love of support and warmth.

Having that someone just wondering what you're doing,
where you are, and if you're OK.

That special person who wants to encourage you to reach your dreams,
even on a wild river stream
Someone whom will wash away all your tears
and protect you from your fears.

Someone who is going to support you,
and fully understands all your views.
Someone who will treat you with respect,
not judging you no matter what the subject.
Able to talk openly and freely,
knowing that you are not ever lonely.
Someone whom has you in their heart,
even from the very start.
love every part of you,
for just being you.

Someone who want to share all your interests,
and go that distance.
Exploring the world from land to shore,
willing to open up all the doors.

No matter what the cause,
willing to overlook all your flaws.
You should be with someone who could make you happy,
like a long lost puppy.
You deserve so much more, someone who doesn't fight their inner war.

You will always be a special friend, even to my life's end.

Sunday, October 26, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Sammy 07 February 2018

I have a boyfriend but i don't think do better for hime

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Chinedu Dike 18 February 2015

A very good explanation of a soulmate and a friend indeed well captured in the poem. A powerful piece written with conviction. Thanks for sharing.

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Michael Mcparland 26 October 2014

A very beautiful poem and masterfully written. Really touches the heart. Excellent work my friend. :) A 10

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