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Look Into My Eyes

Look into my eyes,
Tell me what you see.
Does my eyes tell a story,
Of mystery or glory

Do you see a sparkle,
That shines like a nickel.
Or a scary sight,
Which is not always black and white.

No matter what's on my mind,
You try to seek to find.
Overtime I will let you in,
To understand what's within.

Even though I'm feeling blue,
Be sure I'll always be true
You have noticed through my eyes,
That I cannot hide my disguise.
No matter what is wrong,
Even though I'm trying to be strong.

Do you see a heart of gold,
Something that can never be sold.
Willing to put others before her needs or wants
A lot more than dollars and cents.

It says a lot about who I am.
Don't see it as an exam.
See it as a pleasure,
Something you will always treasure

So, look into my eyes,
Tell me what you see.

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Alice Cordy Popularity

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