Keith Hardeman

Rookie (June 7,1982 / Fort Worth, Texas)

You Kept Calling My Name - Poem by Keith Hardeman

You kept calling my name, calling as all around us grew quite. The emotions of the afternoon had came to such a climax, lay back mattress flat, curved back. The low sweet moan, I like that. You kept calling my name, I could hear as you whispered gently into my ear. Keep loving me daddy, the things that I hear. Near the brink but not yet exhausted. Remembering your words, harder and harder. As the adrenaline begin to rise, each muscle rippling with passion growing more passionate with rage as the moments continued to pass and the more we collided the echoes of loves close embrass swelt through the midnight air chilling only the frozen moments. Not yet created. You kept calling my name, your fingernails glide across my sweat glistening back, whispering louder in my ear, I like that, I like that, louder with each thrust, get that, get that sit back because what you read you may wonder. Your not reading poetry rather our future. As I see it, back to the moment. If you see what I see, you know that you want it. And you kept calling my name. As the calls turns to screams, your thighs spread to get me deeper, give to me daddy, so I go a little deeper. Deeper and deeper every inch more you feel. Problems fade from inhibitions all floating away. Gasping for air pulling my hair, wanting me to stop, ask the question, you not dare. Because you thought of this moment legs spread to the max, gasping inhaling searching for the next breath. And you kept calling my name. Our eyes meet, you could see the ferocity of mine eyes set in blaze. How the sweat poured, drenched in every way. The stinging sensation, from the exchange of eyes locked in a eternal star, everything moving fast. But to us, were simply there. There in this moment, souls ancient dance once more being played. Spoke to me once more. I've never felt this way. Now I'm going deeper and deeper, the head board yet to stop singing. Sexual Healing Marvin Gaye the entire time thinking. And suddenly, You clinch me tight, because you never thought, you'd cum for the tenth time tonight. Right... And you kept calling my name. More and more with this feverous pitch, SAVAUNT SAVAUNT, I LOVE IT LIKE THIS. You guide your hands slow down to my hips. Forcing me slower, take it slow, we kiss. And you kept calling my name. Kept calling, calling realizing our lips now not met. This moment you realized you could only view my head, legs spread wide. Tongue tasted pleasure mesmerizing ride. Eleven and Twelve were does the thirteen dwell. The room goes topsy turvy everything gets flipped. The next thing you know my hands on your hips. Eyes facing the mattress, your favorite way. Sway to the motion, lady just sway, now more could be said, but what all would be lost, unconcerned about the outcome for this moment want be lost, You kept calling my name, One day hope you feel the same.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, March 27, 2008

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