Miss Tee

You Shall Not Be Jealous - Poem by Miss Tee

I've got no right..I know!
To be jealous and resentful
at the thought of seeing you with someone else.
I cannot explain to you why it is this way.
It just is.

How can you explain why the sky is blue?
Or why it snows in winter?
It just is...right?
As such, when I state: 'Jealousy is the game..Unable to be tamed...'
Do you think I can explain?
You can tell me it's been over for a long time,
but tell me.....do you think that I quite care?
You should know jealousy has no time frame...

I was once your love, your girl...and your one true babe,
and memories of those times gravitate in my head,
too hard to place in a box and destroy..

A heavy gloom constricts and rages in my heart...
clawing at me like a ferocious beast.
Holding tight and refusing to let go.
I try shaking it off...but it burns and engulfs all else.
Reason flees, leaving only this rage
and these angry words escaping to your ears.

I am a better woman than
what this sentiment brings out, you know I am.
This jealousy must mean I still care...
to think...
to think...
You were my man? And now..hers? ?
It's hard to know that you've moved on
and that she's got a hold on you as I used to do.
Tell me, is she better than what I was to you?
Does she show you love the way I used to?
Suppport and hope the best for you the way I used to?
Think and yearn for you like I still do?

Humm...a green eyed monster lives in my heart.
It had taken refuge for months, hibernating like a bear.
But now, it has reemerged...fueled by the scene before me.
Ah, jealousy, jealousy...

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 4, 2008

Poem Edited: Friday, April 4, 2008

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