Your Crosses (X's) ~ Poem by Theodora (Theo) Onken

Your Crosses (X's) ~

Rating: 4.5

It is a morbid grey ambiance
In your obsession of stealth
In your world of tarot & incantations
Rags, red threads, bottles & terminal breaths;

In your world of crosses to bear
Burning your bridges before you attempt to cross
In your book of chairs & names- -keeping tally
X-ing out each mortality like an accomplished loss;

Invocations-incantations and idol worship
Goes against everything in my life
You with your love of scissors- is cutting
But never as sharp as your enemies 'knife';

My God has warned me about you
And the darkness that resides within
Across the pond-your darkness lives on
Corrupting troll of 'mortal sin';

Your answer for everything is to pause a while
'Til at least the sirens - quiet down
Retreating away with family and like minded
Removing titles-still so easily found;

I have made a promise- truly
In all of your 66 years you've never heard
It is known by many including our God
You haven't heard the last from this little bird;

For we will be watching even when you think we are not
When you believe you've found 'another way'-and the coast is clear
That is the very moment we truly get our chance with you
Could it be- that your number is nearly up my dear?

By, Theodora Onken

July 4,2014

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