Music (The Song) Poem by Theodora (Theo) Onken

Music (The Song)

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It plays to my heartstrings...
It is the music to my ears-
...It is the tender love song of my life-
And the refelections of my years...
All in a simple sweet melody-
...The rhythm and harmony flow-
Yes, dancing at my heartstrings-
...The memories, they come and they go...
It is the music of my lifetime-
...It is the gentle refrain, in my head-
'A play it to my soul song'
...Down the road of love-
...I am led...
It is a once, in a lifetime song-
...Forever growing, it is, in me-
It is, a broken heart tune-
...And a haunting melody...
It is the songs of our Nation-
...The Anthems and Hymns...
It is the: 'Glory to the World My Friend, ' song-
...That has become, way too dim...
It is the 'Light of My Life' ballad-
...In perfect melodic harmony-
It is the say it all: 'With Words and Music'
...It is the Best that Music Can Be...

Theodora Onken 06 September 2007

Indira, Your words are the best compliment a person could get. Glad you liked this. Theo

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Indira Babbellapati 06 September 2007

i'm no singer. but the fact didn't deter me from singing as i read through...

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Theodora Onken 06 September 2007

Andy, Thank You Dear One! Hope That Your Spirits Are A bit better Today! Please Do Not Be Sad! Love Ya, Theo

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 06 September 2007

What sweet music to the ears Theo...10

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Richard Wlodarski 18 June 2017

Theodora, I sang along to your poem. And it brought such joy. I think that it would be a great song. Nice job!

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Theodora Onken 07 September 2007

Marci, You are a dear, dear person! Your words always mean so very much to me! I have been on and off of here for a while myself. At one time, i had a pile of poetry and erased it all! You are such a gifted spirit...and music is in your soul., as well! And yes, when it comes down to it, our children, are what makes us whole. They complete us! Before i had my son, i was nothing...I will shout it from the roof tops, they are Gods greatest gifts to us! Thank you, And again, have a great time visiting your grandbabies, you lucky woman, you! Theo

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x... x... 06 September 2007

There are moments in each of our lives when a song, music, can make our day, cause tears and/or lift someones spirits. Of course if it's about music or books and as you already know 'children' it's a given that I'll love it. This is the best poem about music that I've recently read on this site since coming back May 25th....This is enchanting. So far above the bar than a little music one I wrote on here in the beginning. Hard to believe I've been here since Feb 4, with a 'forced' break from April 5 until May 25. Reading this makes my day, even though it's almost over according to old 'Ben.'

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Theodora Onken 06 September 2007

Tara, sweet one, Thank you! Much appreciated coming from one as gifted as you! Theo

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Perfect harmony, perfect rhythm. t x

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