Your Golden Pen Poem by Theodora (Theo) Onken

Your Golden Pen

Rating: 3.6

Entangled in the depth of your blue eyes
...Entranced and in total bliss...
Embraced by your circled arms tight grasp
...Energized by your heavenly kiss...

We two are as a gift package
...Gift papered and tied with silk bow...
A grand presentation of sheer quality
...Of the sweet you that i have come to know...

...And in the background, playing...
...An Aussie Minstral and his music men...
Continue this moods amazing altruisms
...With a: 'Giving Melody'-written with your...
Golden Pen!

Tushar Ray 24 March 2015

Excellent poetic expression of emotion, affection and love! Very enjoyable!

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Theodora Onken 20 August 2007

L, A, M, P, And M, Thank you all so very very much! Theo

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Theodora Onken 03 October 2009

Patricia, thank you so ver much for your very kind words. Many blessings to you. Theo

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Ramesh Rai 11 August 2014

Written with your golden pen. Entangled in the depth of your blue eyes ...Entranced and in total bliss... Embraced by your circled arms tight grasp ...Energized by your heavenly kiss....Perfectly soothing and enchanting.

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Amitava Sur 20 June 2014

A very pleasant mood is drawn which enchants the mind..... very nice

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Mason Maestro 01 January 2018

Hello Theo! Long time we haven't communicated. Being on this site since 2005, I noticed you are the only friend connection I have on here. Not sure why. Wow I can't believe you have over 900 poems on here! I will be sure to read more of your poetry. Let's keep in touch! Mason Maestro

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Tom Allport 25 July 2017

a wonderfully written poem of life's true gift that of finding true love? .............well penned T.

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Theodora Onken 06 May 2016

Pamela, thank you so much for your awesome, enlightening review. You are so very appreciated by me.

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Pamela Sinicrope 06 May 2016

I love the metaphor of a loving couple being a gift wrapped package! That is so true. Receiving such love is a true gift. Lucky couple. Personally, I love poems that use Verbs...I think it energizes the writing and engages the reader. I felt the love encircling me. Romantic, with the music in the music that was crafted with the lover's golden pen. A bit schmaltzy in the best romantic way...loved it!

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Susan Williams 02 May 2016

Oh! I didn't see this until after I read it and scrolled up to reread. That is why those introductory lines are as smooth as silk, soft as a breeze, and set the stage for romance. The four all start with words beginning with the letter E, words that sound like a moment in love....that entangled and entranced, embraced and energized. Such a subtle way to get the reader in the mood for dancing away in a romantic haze! Clever girl! The entire poem is a yummy in our starry hearts! As Melvina says- -a serving of literary delight!

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