Your Daughter (Poemforjesus) Poem by Amber Marie

Your Daughter (Poemforjesus)

The Lord's words are like music to
my ears
because they bring out the best in me
even if I don't like what I hear
He leads us along as a Father would do
gently but sternly into his truth

He's got me wrapped around His finger

Papa's girl from His heavenly throne

He molds me and teaches me and comforts me with song

He helps me to know everything will be alright

Satan is working but He wins the fight

He shows me along the brightly lit path

But you only can see it if you leave your past in the past and follow His ways ahead of the world

Thank you my Lord for leading me today

Tomorrow and forever

Your daughter I will stay

through every season of weather

Your daughter I will stay!

Amber Marie

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