This World Is Not My Friend Poem by Amber Marie

This World Is Not My Friend

I'm not interested in shouting happy new year with a beer in my hand.
I am interested in preaching His love and truth with a bible in my hand
Where is our passion for the Lord..
why is it all about the world?
I don't understand..
I will never understand..
Lord keep me in Your hands..
This world is not my friend..
I'm just passing through..
waiting to get to You..
God please pursue me...
use me for your glory..
knead me like dough..
press out everything gross and disloyal..
I don't love this world.
I love You Lord and it's nothing new..
I seriously will die for you..
if that's what I have to do..
there's nothing more important than my faith..
even when I fall short I pray..
Lord lead me out of that mess back to You
because living with my Jesus forever is all I want to do.
You can laugh at me and mock me and say I have no friends..
but I could careless because it's all perishing around us
none of this matters..I wish you could see the latter is better than the beginning
but you're still loving the sinning more than the repenting.
I pray you see the truth before it's too late and this isn't hate
this is love I wish you could see it too..a call to repenting is what a true friend will do.
But keep laughing and mocking and thinking you know more than me.
I only know what I know because Christ set me free and led me to be
set apart, holy and new..
even when I've messed up He's shown me what to do to get back to Him and be made brand new.
So I will say it again laugh if you want but honey I will pray for you!

Short poem by Amber

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