This Precious Gift Called Life Poem by Amber Marie

This Precious Gift Called Life

This Precious Gift called Life

God is gracious..He gave me a gift we will feel free And alive like never before..
let's not let this gift go to waste
I will be blessed until the end of my life

And I'm going to take it No I'm not worthy..No I don't deserve it

But I accept it anyway

Because He loves me And I love Him and it makes it okay.

My whole world would be turned upside down

If it weren't for our heavenly Father Blessed I will be and I will show to my daughter

That there is this free gift called life when you talk to Him you'll see That we all have a plan and when we find it we feel more st peace

Thank you God for loving me way more than I deserve.
Thank you for your loving grace!

When I fly free with the angels rejoicing by your side! Thankyou Dear Lord for this precious gift called life!

(short poem I wrote tonight..just feeling in the holiday spirit and thankful for God and all he has blessed me with)
poem by amber Marie

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