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Your Eyes Trilogy

Fireworks drip sparks like water
Your eyes turn resin into amber
blue lanterns float across a pond
more beautiful than deep cyan
clear like a lake in heaven
Your lips pluck up
and lovely hebrew words exit from them
call me to you
I will answer
and cover you with silver star-shaped confetti
when you're not looking
I know how to kiss
but I've never kissed as pretty as you
You deserve it, may I approach?
Let's go sky-skating
and wild ballooning
and cloud-teasing
and kite-running
O my sweet one,
turquoise and metals and meteorites live their trace elements on you
but your pupils illuminate all of them
the flowers in my garden hush themselves
and watch you
o sweet one
your past life was like honey
and came to decorate you in this one
Your good deeds
are repeated on your face
how else can it be explained?
You pray for humility
and lock-in resplendence
You pretty prince
grant me your presence
and let me see those beacons
those amiables
those seraphic eyes
clothed in eyelashes
as you give me your gilded gaze

Euclid does his geometry in the dark with just one candle
but he never was prepared for the dimensions of eyes like yours
Blue? , no, open opalescent, tinged with turquoise
cerulean coral cusp, if they were 'sky-blue' tiny swallows would take flight in them
ultramarine: a dolphin skips to the beat of your pupils
azure: the clouds clear themselves to make way for the majestic
sapphire: deep in the Earth they are hidden away, you must make effort to locate them - whole rooms are filled with them, give me a glance
indigo: the deep waves, the hadal waters rush towards you
turquoise: not just turquoise, Lander Blue Turquoise the highest grade
how to measure the candela - the points of light collected by them, you'd make Violle abandon his theory, start again, more inspired this time
But I know there is a coded eternity in them
your soul washed clean radiates like topaz
what is your secret, how did you earn this extra beauty
have you delved into a mighty deed
did you once save a deer from traffic?
did you once pray so hard the firmament lifted?
did you do a kindness as a child and never told anyone?
I once saw a photograph of a gypsy boy holding a leaf full of dew - it shimmered like your eyes, my sweet, like my theorem, my dedicated study, my cause.


Your eyes are my flag
Your eyes are my petition
They are like melted crystals
like dry ice
they sublimate
they transfer
they collect
they smile at their edges
iridology tells all your secrets
like whether the ring around your iris
will indicate the success or failure of your marriage
and we will never die
but become re-animated in the memory of God
and you will never lose your beauty
but light will slow down until an aeon is a flash

So we meet in a dream
like meeting in a large bubble
or a transparent marble
you turn around
then walk 40 paces
then face me
and I hold my strength
look at you right in your eyes
and win the showdown
win the chance to see you in the flesh
instead of just virtually

who will read our story?
iridescent colour at the centre of your eyes
brilliant and lustrous
a picture book then...

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