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Your Patience Is Greatly Ours Anytime

Everything and even Everyone stand in your face and From all directions, It is God's fate To the patient people, You die one million and one times Everyday in everything, Nobody cares about you Simply because you have become A burden on the whole world, You have not chosen your misery With your will, but It is the outcome of A miserable world, All ways are dead-ends In your face and Borders are closed From all directions, Death reaps you wholly As if you are like spikes of wheat and it is time to harvest them, Your patience is infinite and That astonishes us, so We bow humbly in front of you Anytime, You don't have anyone, but God, so Raise your heads up and say: 'O God! O God! This world, That surrounds us and That surrounds you, Is very cruel and Is more cruel than the flint stone Regretfully, Your patience is our teacher Whom we learn from How to suppress our wrath and Our sadness on you Anytime, This world, Which we live amid it, Treats you with absolute cruelty As if you are nothing and You are absolutely well-bred Regretfully, You have become like The mulberry tree's leaves That fly away that Will not be back and Perhaps will not be back Whereas this is the way with them... God's fate is inevitably unavoidable... _____________________________________________

The world's refugees are suffering from everything and even from everyone whereas the world treats them badly... The Syrian refugees are ultimately treated badly worldwide on all levels... All refugees' patience is great and wonderful although they are treated badly by the whole world...