Popularity Does Not Always Reflect Quality Poem by TaMaRa HaNaRiNg ,(((( PaLeSTiNe))))FreedOm Flottila .

Popularity Does Not Always Reflect Quality

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popularity does not reflect quality,

popularity means quantity...

...a poem may be which will be written, my respect to the excellent poets who are popular but they have a very good quality work...

iam planning too to be popular but to publish only the good work..

an invitation for you to sip with me that cup of emotions, read this poem please and the melody which iam going to complete..with regards and admiration for who concentrate on thier qualified work

Braja K Sarkar 14 July 2009

Yes, very right.Popularity never reflects quality.As an honest reader, I always try to find quality. A poet may not be a popular poet during his/her life time, but if he/she produce quality poems, he/she must be remembered even after death.The theme of this poem is wonderful, but it lacks craftmanship.Truth is not always beautiful, if it is told/expressed with art, it becomes Poetry.I expect more from Dear Tamara..

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Ramesh T A 01 May 2009

Excellent poets who are popular will also be excellent in quality and if such good works come out of publication it will be a real feast for the readers! Best wishes!

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I agrree with you Ramish..that a feast day for the readers..for them...thanks

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Kesav Easwaran 01 May 2009

popularity reflects more of co-operation and good will...now look forward to your quality writes...

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Dr.subhendu Kar 03 May 2009

an invitation for you to sip with me that cup of emotions...............oh what a call by emotion, that is the cup of sweet poetry, can we not drink all together! ! ! , yet we can for greater humanity, as the human breath rasps somewhere with pangs of pain, may be ruefully rumbling on bare truth of nuisance and horrors, i do feel poet may find a way for their redemption of those ill fated soul, logged on the slugs of poverty........... yes, there you are, i do agree........and others too..........yet a write of ingenuity,10++++, thanks for sharing

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Arvid Mast 29 October 2009

It seems the only people who like your poetry are Islamic terrorists.

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Marieta Maglas 24 September 2009

Very interesting poem, thank you for sharing............10

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Nic Leisure 20 August 2009

this poem is every nicely done with a nice flow...10/10

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 16 August 2009

I agree , and must echo the below comment by Breja K. Sarkar...And unfortunately, i must shiver at the comment of the good Dr. S., who i used to read regularly when he 1st came to this site, that is until he forgot what he came here for, or what he claimed he came here for....Your philosophy is one to heed & one to continue delivering...Now if you could only get the others on board with you, perhaps you could be the catalyst for converting this childs-game website back into the true Literary site, this place once was....Good Luck, young lady...Tough Work for you ahead, in knocking some sense into these stat-heads! FjR

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thanks dear Braj..an al who cmmented..just to inform who read and who will read..this was not a poem, just some thoughts wanted to share, so it is not considered as a poem from my side..regards and thanks for all

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