Penning Sonnets Or Pinning The Tails To Sonnets Poem by Susan Williams

Penning Sonnets Or Pinning The Tails To Sonnets

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I respect those poets
who can pen sonnets
and other rigidly ruled poems-
They are extremely talented
to be able to do this
and still enjoy the write! !
They have my utmost respect.
my admiration is unchecked.
I am not at all respectable
I find it hard to be simultaneously
and poetic
and emotionally moving,
when fitting syllables and rhymes into rigid formats!
It's like trying to fit a hypo into a corset
if you ask me.
~~~~~~~~ ©2018 Susan Williams

Friday, July 6, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: poetry
Smoky Hoss 24 July 2022

So true. Very good... and by the way, what ever style you are, keep it up, your words are wonderful. Your poems, pure passion. Your heart shines through!

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Susan Williams 27 August 2022

Wow! ! ! Smoky, you always lift up my heart and spirits---now if only you would be the editor at a huge publishing house and read my book series! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Chinedu Dike 25 December 2021

Profound insightful thoughts set aside for deep reflective thought..

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Susan Williams 27 August 2022

Thank you for reading my efforts, Chinedu! ! !

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Valsa George 25 May 2020

As you rightly observed, penning sonnets is not an easy task if one sticks to the accepted pattern rigorously. I could write only five or six sonnets so far adhering to the right syllable count and rhythm. Your comparison at the end is quite apt Susan! A well adjudged write on sonnets....! Formality and strict adherence to rules always destroy spontaneity! A sure 10

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Susan Williams 25 May 2020

I thank you for your kindness but I must admit to a certain lack of talent for getting fire and emotion across when stuffing words into cages. Thank you for enjoying me at my level. I appreciate it!

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Rebecca Navarre 02 September 2018

Incredibly impressive and amazing poem! .. In everything you write or format you choose, your beauty does truly shine through! .. You bring such smiles! .. Thank you ever so much for sharing this! .. My friend Ever so many 10S! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! +++++

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Susan Williams 10 September 2018

Well, I got a lot of angst out writing this! ! ! Thank you for finding value in it Be a good little guardian angel now! ! ! !

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Susan Williams 26 July 2018

I am officially getting old now. I used to be a perfect speller- oh, no, now it looks like I need a proofreader- how annihilating... the word should be hippo not hypo... oh, I am crushed... I thought that was such a cute line- well maybe it would have been if people were imagining stuffing a hippo into the corset and not a hypo- - my apologies

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Mj Lemon 09 August 2018

Susan, it works either way...I still think 'hypo' was pure genius! !

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