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How long will I love you?

How long will I love you?

Have you ever witnessed the glory?
Hidden in wide arena of poesy
Reaping art of writing in hilly highland
growing buds flourishing from south to north, east to west

Self - Made Woman

I am a self-made woman
I live with mysharp attitude

Over Mountains grows golden sunrise
there I see strawberry blooms on green tops
Every inch farmed with life

I am a poet, just the poet
No, no, no, I am not throwing net
I live in the world of beauty
Where I travel inch to inch

O' Venus the God of love and beauty
Why did you cast magical powers of love?
After thousands of meteors striking tonight
Finally, my heart weeping for my untold love

Castle down to violet corn field

Lo! Life has seized herself at thorny cornfield
Rustle of breeze capturing horrifying atmosphere

I admit I am not wise
That every wise possess to rise,
But, folks, you never showed your wisdom
That every wise ruler follows to rule.

My Heart still desires for You

Night isn't mine nor morning
still my heart is enchanting your name.

Mesmeric Coffee Love

Just whisper me in my ears
How much you miss me last night

Pull me close, Honey!
Oh! you hold me close
Don't pull me high
I may fall from the top


Time for silent spark
in midst of snowfall
let your heart glow
In chilled holiday season

Playing tune of my soul
Somewhere floating around the sea
In solace searching melody

Bunch of strangers' everyday stop by...alike sliders
To my little cottage, built near to sea side
And each time, blow down the wooden doors
Which I tend to open, for any mysterious road riders



Swinging on tenderness
flying along with nymphs
Playing pink cupids

This dusky morning
I don't wanna wake up
I don't wanna greet the sunrise
All I want is to lie down on his lap

Sketching tiny bits of imprints
On the Isle of Romance and love
Beholding behind into precious days
With drenched eyes and silent talk

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PRIYANKA RAJ She is a modest Author, English poet and an enthusiastic young researcher hailing from Shillong, India. She is a jack of many trades – a poet, journalist, photographer, researcher, blogger. Her interest and passion for literature and poetry sets her apart from the crowd. She has sincere love for Nature, Art, culture and a believer in peace and harmony. She may not call myself as a proper philanthropist, but she does advocate for humanity. She is an author of her debut poetry book Social Blues; Beyond Solemn Balladry recently published on Feb 5,2019. The Romantic poets inspire her, and she wish to pay them back by doing Doctoral Research on the works of Romantic Poets. She has recently won the National level Poetry Competition and was conferred the status of a National level poet. Currently, her poems are featuring on various literary magazine, and on REALISTIC POETRY INTERNATIONAL, Arizona US. She is now applauded as an International Star English poet, by Realistic Poetry International Organisation. She can be reached at her on twitter @mahipriyankaraj Priyanka Raj (mahi))

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How Long Will I Love You? ? ?

How long will I love you?

How long will I love you?
Will love you until the mother nature nurture
Till the time, when pretty flowers stop blooming
And when each single leaf begins, deserting the trees
Will love you …until the storms get over torture

How long will I love you?
Will love you until the stars stop twinkling
And the moon stop kissing the dusky night
Until the planets, in the universe keep stirring
Will love you, till the sun shining… dawn blinking

How long will I love you?
Will love you, until fire on the wood retain burning
And the blue shores, stop showing the giant waves
when high tide is witnessed, moon craving for earth
Will love you, until milky galaxy way keeps churning

How long will I love you?
Will love you ….as long as fluffy clouds float
And rain showers … longing for weighty flood
I will love you …until ship sail along small boat
To the love paradise …where lies no royal blood!

How long will I love you?
Will love you, till the friend has fall over deeds
When the plants, stop reproducing joy seeds
I will love you …until the heart of earth lives
Till the last breath, longer than snow fall gives

How long will I love you?
I will love you, until icy glacier on poles, melt maturity
Till the river, flows the water of holiness, throws futurity
When the days are left, in charity…with no good seasons,
And life has bid us … in purity, to rest us with great reasons

How long will I love you?
Will love you till …beloved hearts greet our name
Till the melody of life…. stop tuning the musical bliss
And when the ecstasy… breathes the songs of waterfall
Will love you…. until blessed souls meet our fame!

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