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Cheeky is my smoochy cat
She gets stroked every day
And as for cousin’s moonlit
Cheek tis but beg the question

I reckon tonight I wholed all the tears in Australia
No wonder there’s a drought somewhere
for the salt seeped through every river, each creek
and into my head desalination has spread

Be my centrifuge in my vertiginous dream
Be as jaguar, wolf, and chimpanzee
Fill my mist, tickle my tease

I made an anklet of kowhai
Yellows blooms of sigh..
I thought of your toesies

You came to me
dressed from cut out air
in freeze frames
and I thought the sky

Across the sea there swells a man
with pots and pans and billy cans
in arid country with cactus pricks
he kneads the damper, burns the sticks

I scent a message floated to shore…
found papaya and sugar cane stuck to
my door. I opened it up molasses entrapped
.. so after deep tissue massage I scent this back…

.. and if it is inevitable
that I have you
Tis not for need of trying

Why is it, you
as an amorous lover
are at odds as an amorphous spirit?

On top … drops off
To roll … pulp passion
firmly against designer curves

Skirting on the periphery
your engaged pre-occupation
slides the half-pipe rotational
on the backward tidal

points directional
thinks elevations
speaks longingly
touches exudations

If you float over pressure …
relief arrives in a fissure of yolk
scrambled over a shell shocked

On top of lasagne,
you eat peaches and cream
I serve them on twin tops
and whipped up in dreams

in the shadowlands of Troglophilus
time was amplified to changes
and calcified droplets clung to antiquity,

Think Low Fat Latte
Smothered by pilates
Drizzled in tamarillos
Pressed upon pillows

too much info on a poetic site
edible condoms fitted for size
can never be your perfect ally
but if your tough and you must

I have concern over
your dietary discern
for voracious floats
to your armoury coat

An impoverished outcome
to unanswered questions
gnawed as starvation hung
limp as skeletal dangle …

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(sparti Is So Weird..)

Abigail ate the rhino
She wolfed it down for lunch
Never saw the buffalo coming
She felt it was a grump..

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