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While walking on her beach
I met an Ocean
This event will stay with me forever
This is why

That ripple of horrendous candor
Of crippling axioms
That which pulls the trees to their knees,

I could watch every moment of an Autumn sunrise
Just for you I'd send my hope

As a Winter snow might come and stay forever
Her ice-blue eyes could send me home

How that wintered and western wind throbs
To sing that same song that reminds.

A song that, with all its grave notes, inveigles an ever-pressing solidity.

Every Morning
I Look Up,
I See So Many Beautiful

Visiblity. Low.
I've Missed the turn.
Swirving Nerves

My Brain is Ticking
My Muscles are Contracting
My Heart is Beating
My Lungs are Pumping

My Blood is Becoming Slower
But, I Feel No Different
My Breathe is Thinking
As if it Can't Decide

I've Never Felt this Way
I can Feel My Heart Beating
I Hear It
It Feels Like She is Keeping me Alive

Of shattered, once-shimmering dreams I speak.
Her heart spread, breath intact. She beckoned and took.
I, unhinged, am simplicity's not.
Quickly realized hatreds brought to me more anger.

Hell could,
By having heard the clangs,
Await thee.
With breath all icy and eyes wide,

Lost once
In one, luckily, sweeping ideal.
Such of that golden, glistening fall
One could find to weep.

As her sad, lightless night tunnels
The rats scurry
A southern gothic emerges of late
With clockwork hinges and broken eyes

I hear your tender silence
I see your perfect form
I want so much to meet you
To feel your gentle presence

As this night (in terrible, lonesome ways) washes over my urban bough,
To harmonized willows and painted sighs I do away.
Are they, those reddened locks, truly so far?

I've Come and Gone
I've Seen You
Your Eyes
Back and Forth

I've Come Here
To Your World
In Search of the One They Call Sleep
Of Breathing?

Bend Back
Shriek in Euphoria
Pistols Fire
Titans Clash

Inside me, there's a deep need of you.

Most don't see it.

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Grey Ocean

While walking on her beach
I met an Ocean
This event will stay with me forever
This is why

While looking very closely at the Ocean,
I noticed that it was Grey
This startled me
I had thought that all Oceans were blue
Not Grey

I looked at the Ocean and said
'Why on earth are you Grey? '

It let out a cry which stated
'Well, because I'm made of stones! '

I asked it why it was stone
It then told me long tale
About how children use to throw rocks at the Ocean
It said that the rocks slowly filled up the Ocean
This anger me greatly

So now
Everytime I see a child throwing rocks at oceans
I tell them the story of the Grey Ocean

They never believe me.

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Gold Flower 10 June 2007

Your poems are beautiful. Eric, you are very talented. You should share this talent with the world! ! ! Keep writing! *Lilly*

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