Qiniso Mogale Poems

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An Old Man Sitting Under A Tree

An old man sitting under a tree
Sees much further than a boy
standing on top of a tree
An old man sittting at the bottom of a mountain

There Is Strength In Unity

Sometimes, there is strength in numbers
Sometimes, the numbers are given strength
Tiny grains of sand make up the entire beach
A small handful of grains is easily moved

As This World Comes To An End

As world super powers threaten war
As world super powers prepare for war
As they assemble their weapons of mass destruction
As they test the might of their weapons

Rivers Never Go Reverse

Rivers never go reverse
If all could emulate rivers
If all could live like rivers
Forget the past hurts

At The Mountain Top

At the Mountain top I look down
and I reflect on my past
At the mountain top I look down
and I realize how far I've come

Mysteries Of The Heart

The heart does not chose whom to love
The heart does not know when to stop loving
The heart seldom reasons
The heart is ruled by emotions

The Gift Of Life

Waking up every morning
That is a gift
The air we breathe
That is a gift

Where Is The Rationale?

Nothing makes sense anymore
All seem confused and disoriented
Priorities are misappropriated
Illusions have become facts

A Cry For Justice

A cry for justice
A cry for vengeance
A cry for retribution
A cry for vindication

Forgive Unsaid Apologies

Forgive silent apologies
Forgive unheard apologies
Forgive invisible apologies
Forgive unuttered apologies

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