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Rating: 3.67

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A lover of the game.. and the game is afoot. Rather two feet in the preferred game. And those that shine brightest in the game come attached to shape of woman. The reason behind so much poetry, including mine.

Heterogametic male: Two, count 'em two, different kinds of sex chromosomes X and Y.

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Let Me Own The Night

Let the others play on bright, sun-filled days
in song and merriment, play on.

Let me own the shadows that seep into your soul,
yet still promise hold, a promise of sleep 'til dawn.

With the morning pray.., bring them on gilded and gossamer wings,
for bright is their future with warmth of everlasting hope, and hearts lifted.

I long to be as cold and silent as a blanket of new fallen snow,
to spin webs, translucent, with life ebbing and borne of tragic past.

When, at last, clouds part and ominous foreboding dread flees,
into the corners, hiding..sinless, without remorse or regret.

Let me own this cloak, beautiful as rough-hewn stone,
I no longer seek acceptance, nor call another's fate my own.

May Calliope sing and lull them to a blissful place, redemption their's to keep,
for it was always said that it must be so.

I will continue to turn away from the calamity of the sun,
for what's left unsaid remains unsaid, what's left undone, undone.

No tears will be shed that will be seen where shadows lie,
the dark will hold them, it would seem, and so shall I.

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15 August 2020

You are here in this life, more or less for awhile.. best to try leaving them with few tears and a smile.

04 October 2020

If you scratch and chisel and the stuff still fails to come off.., God meant it to stay. QtR

13 December 2020

Poetry, at least for me, didn't grow out of any classroom, or school of learning. More about the heart's ability to find itself. A journey only one can make.

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