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Let Me Own The Night

Let the others play on bright, sun-filled days
in song and merriment, play on.

Let me own the shadows that seep into your soul,


Batter Up, No Longer

From outfield judging eyes await your plight,
though sweat and stupor feign to your ruin.
Now pull up your trousers, cinch your belt tight...
glaring down from mound, pitch straight and proven.

This Docile Earth

This world, never ours alone, but shared with other creatures great and small.
The Earth turns and new dawn comes, and will long after we're gone.
A Sandpiper flitted along the shore and told me so.

Blackbird In September

In dream lone blackbird sits on telephone line,
pleading, what more do I have to give.

Wing once beat out a metronome in time..

The Cure You Shared

You turn and risk two smiling eyes my way as I walk in..
how pretty you look sitting upright in that little bed,
Quietly you whisper, how well your wedding gown would fit,
imagining our dream wedding dance in your fever'd head.

November Tides

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~November tides~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The rains have come on another Fall wind.,
nostalgia, once gone, now creeps back in.

Well Have You?

Have you come to know me..
and do you know yourself?

Are we the same, in indifference..

What Font Type The Heart

Who was it that first said,
the eyes are the window to the soul..
who's eyes did they envision..
and how did they know?

Cora's Clothesline

What softness in silence amidst the cacophony of a spin cycle world war.
Lying next to your glow in sleep's stillness, careful of your bandaged hand.
Watching your breath enter and leave, the rise and fall of such loveliness.,
reminded of our miracle wings as they unfolded in the evening heat.

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