Blackbird In September Poem by Quoth TheRaven

Blackbird In September

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In dream lone blackbird sits on telephone line,
pleading, what more do I have to give.

Wing once beat out a metronome in time..
leaving thoughts lost through a sieve.

I swore to rebuild our earthen dam,
and hold the waters at bay.

Your dream found a different plan,
left nothing more to say.

Race, now long finished, deemed total loss..,
left my prideful soul entreating.

Waste heart's song diminished, too high the cost,
ask why the day so fleeting.

Last candle's light gleamed in his glowering gaze,
Write journal'd fate, no answer would he belie,

September's temper teamed in shortened days,
to kiss late remember'd lips good-bye.

Blackbird In September
Saturday, October 3, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: bird,dreams,lips,pride,september
L Milton Hankins 03 October 2020

This is a well-crafted, tight little narrative. Thanks for sharing this.

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bri edwards 23 December 2020

THE NEW PH FORMAT IS DISASTROUS. I THINK CLICKING ON, above, will take you to a page to write a complaint. I can't even send a message or make a search.

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Rini Shibu 25 October 2020

Last candle light gleamed in his glowering gaze.. i like that line Raven

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Bri Edwards 14 October 2020

2 - belie: " 1. (of an appearance) fail to give a true notion or impression of (something): disguise or contradict. 2. fail to fulfill or justify (a claim or expectation): betray. bri ;)

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Bri Edwards 14 October 2020

1 - Q, as you commented on my poem " Hard" , i say this about 'Blackbird In September': " Very well thought through and of. Somewhat beyond my feeble attempt to interpret, I fear. Perhaps the best works will always elude (me) . QtR' but...i guess i 'got the picture' i.e. got the gist of poem (cont.)

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Susan Williams 04 October 2020

You dreamed a very sad dream of loss and love intertwined Excellent write, Quoth. Top marks

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