R K Summers Poems

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The Angel

A whisper in your heart
When love is torn apart
Before your very eyes
A storm within your mind

Broken World

This song I sing is for your heart
Not your ears
Take it with you, and listen for it
In the trees and the wind

Steampunk Heart

Clockwork ticker, beating pulse
It lives and loves on wild impulse
Shiver and shake like feverish imps
If you look inside and take a glimpse

Winter Gardens

I sat upon my window ledge,
And sang my song of sorrow.
I stepped into the evening air,
And wondered of tomorrow.

Let's Talk About War

Let’s talk about war
We’ll discuss Tennyson
And Brooke

Big Bad Wolf

A wolf is descending
A wolf with a single, piercing, blazing blue eye
And a Great Father who spawned his children from his own broken body.
The armour protects the fleshy child within

To The East

To the east lies Aryndel,
The cathedral on the moor.
To the west is Brackenpeth,
The home of barbarian shore.

They call her Tatty Hex
I heard them call her fae
She’s the one who flies at night
To drive the ghosts away

La Luna

At night
At my window
I look out
The moon is a midnight sun

An Impossible Love

Her world is shaped by nameless things
Hear the wordless song she sings
It whispers in the darkened halls
It lives, it deepens, and it calls.

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