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I Am Grey! (Colour)

I am grey!
I am all around the way,
Lying on the roads and alley,
And on me, the crowd passes away.

The Cuckoo Bird

The autumn is over.
Naked trees with feeble branches,
are now dressed by blooming flowers
And the leaf, that hatches.

How Fortunate Are We!

How fortunate are we!
Born with two eyes to see,
The blooming flowers in the gardens;
The colours of the world and it's beauty.


A group of people closely related.
Not only living together,
but living with no animosity or hatred -
Larger than life,


Not only contains lots of pieces of paper,
And joined together inside a cover,
But each page we turn,
Adds to our enthusiasm and makes us learn.

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Rabia Fazal Popularity