Rachael Hardy

Rookie (01/14/90 / jamaica)

Rachael Hardy Poems

1. Spiritual Conversation 12/22/2005
2. Leave It To God 12/22/2005
3. The Happiness Of Death 4/23/2006
4. Emergent Love 10/02/07 3/14/2007
5. Retribution Of The Reprobate 02/11/08 11/2/2008
6. I Mourn 17/03/09 3/17/2009
7. Discovery 10/12/09 12/10/2009
8. Listless Love 30/11/07 11/30/2007
9. Everlasting Sorrow 1/8/2006
10. The Significant Sun 5/11/2006
11. Unlimited Love (1/11/08) 11/1/2008
12. The Imagined Visit (31/12/08) 12/31/2008
13. I Love You 2/13/2006
14. The Replace 4/20/2006
15. A New Beginning 1/9/2006
16. Freedom In Me 1/7/2006
17. Regret (26/12/ 08) 12/26/2008
18. The Letter 2/1/2006
19. Discrimination 10/22/2006
20. Unwanted 1/20/2006
Best Poem of Rachael Hardy


I would rather die than cry
I fear my father hates me
Not sure if my mother cares
She says she loves because she has to
And feeds me because I am there
I hate the life I live
Eyes filled with tears
Heart with Fears
My friends they say they love me
With hate in their eyes
And knifes at my back
Yes they wait
They wait because they hate
I do too play their cruel game
Maybe one day they may show me acceptance
Show me love
Or God I want it from above
Take me out and carry me
Somewhere they care
To a better place where they ...

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A New Beginning

I stared in space
In hope of a new beginning
Mistakes i've made so foolishly
I cannot seem to help them
I cry out
No one hears me calling
Life seems hopeless
I gasp fo air
I can feel it

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