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Im All Alone On My Own

I sit here waiting for someone to speak
hours later it seems
no-one is interested in me
'cause without a partner you're not worth talking to


The nib sprints across the smooth white surface
Aching limbs strain to keep a pace
Eyes strain againgst the headache
Ticking reviberates off the walls whistling me to hurry

Times Like These

Times like these make me think
life truely is a stitch
waiting to be unraveled
waiting to be tangled

I Watch The Sky

When alone i watch the sky
and try to picture you at my side
see the white clouds pass by
trying hard not to cry

Losing The Game

Im moving across this board
No-one to defend me
I am always the first to go

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Matluba Uzbekova 07 July 2012

I need poems for my daughter

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whatsup? name's rachel/rach/babybear/ whatever ya wanna call me.Im 18, my life has ups and downs, just like yours. Instead of bottling these up i write it down and annoy the whole world with it. Im proud to say my friends are the best inspiration i have and its thanks to them that i have been able to start my poetry and are still able to write many more today: D
Bored of my poetry? (wouldnt blame you at all)

check out my fellow poet and friend Kat 'happi girl' Happy: D

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